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I began my career following a programmatic research agenda in the black press, which is comprised of four full-length peer-reviewed journal articles, two invited publications, and my first book, Looking at the Stars: Black Celebrity Journalism in Jim Crow America. These works meet at the disciplinary intersection of Black/Africana Studies, history, journalism studies, sociology, and public memory studies. 


My current research interests are anchored in identity studies, feminist media studies, and musicology. Namely, I am interested in examining the social experiences of women in heavy metal music through (auto)ethnographic methods. My current research project, The Adolescentia Project, involves the curation of a digital archive chronicling contributors' experiences with music fandom during adolescence.  

For more on Looking at the Stars, click here.

For more on The Adolescentia Project, click here or follow us on Instagram

For information on additional peer-reviewed publications, book reviews, and conference papers, please check out my curriculum vitae page.

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